California Police Chief- Fall 2013 - Page 5

Photos by Miguel Vasconcellos Top: Los Angeles Deputy Police Chief Jose Perez oversaw the department’s handling of the “Occupy” movement’s removal from City Hall Park; Right: LADP’s tactical planners for the Occupy LA eviction Ofc. Ben Santero, Sgt. Brian Morrison, retired Lt. Joseph McWilliams and Ofc. Manny Rumion; Left: Members of LAPD “Occupy” command staff Ofc. Orlando Nieves (left), Margarita Balchowsky, Deputy Chief Jose Perez, Cmdr. John Sherman and Sgt. James Baker III. from coming into the area. As for the media, LAPD decided to allow 12 credentialed media to go along with police. Other media outlets reported on the breaking news from a media command post set up at headquarters. “You can’t control the media, so you best work with them,’’ Perez added. “This is something the police department does, and something we keep trying to get better at, which is why we have public information officers. The day after the operation, Mayor Antonio Villariagosa and Chief Charlie Beck acknowledged the assistance of Department of General Services Police Department and the Los Angeles Fire Department in the operation. They also both praised LAPD officers. “I was extremely proud of our officers,’’ Perez said. “The successful operation was a reflection of the department.’’ • Spring 2012 |