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Dear Reader, BEHIND THE BADGE California’s police chiefs continue to demonstrate tremendous tenacity in addressing generational issues that threaten the very future safety of our communities and our ability to recruit the best and brightest. On our cover of this edition of Behind the Badge, we highlight one such leader, Jeri Williams, who grew up in the Phoenix Police Department and “owned it,” as she likes to say, after an ugly officer-involved shooting threatened to disturb the peace. Her leadership style - collaborative but firm – is turning heads in Oxnard and throughout the state. She’s not the only resilient leader featured in these pages. Bell’s new police chief, Tony Miranda, has demonstrated remarkable resiliency in leading his force back from the brink of demise, following a scandal that drew international headlines and landed his former city manager and members of the city council behind bars. His back-to-the-basics focus on building relationships serves as an important reminder that what we do begins and ends with community trust. It’s not all doom and gloom. Just ask Beverly Hills Chief Dave Snowden. Glitz, glamour and the occasional celebrity photo-op is part of the job. But spend some time with him and you’ll see that he’s embracing the same strategic, community-focused approach that won him broad support in Costa Mesa. And how about Truckee PD’s innovative, first-of-its kind SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard) team? Officers are in the water interacting with citizens. And then there’s Eureka Chief Murl Harpham, retiring after a 55-year career in policing. We’re not sure what the record is for longevity, but Chief Harpham stuffed two careers worth of work into one. Congratulations and thank you for your service. And no edition of the magazine would be complete without at least one tale of a chief catching a crook. In San Bernardino, a police chief wrestled an armed suspect who allegedly tried to sell him stolen tools. 10 4 14 Eureka! Murl Harpham retires after a 55-year career. 6 Lessons from Dorner 8 Surf Patrol Jeri Williams’ response to an ugly shooting earns praise. 14 Answering the bell Tony Miranda helps a police department and community rebound from a corruption scandal. P 18 olicing Social Media 2.0 20 Sayonara to crime Behind The Badge Mountain View PD offers tricks to grow and engage your audience. Citrus Heights earns prestigious award for revitalizing troubled neighborhood. Campbell’s police chief has another talent – magic. 28 Repositioning for success Truckee officers take community policing into the water. 10 Oxnard chief ‘owns it’ How Dave Snowden serves a community known for glitz and glamour. 26 Chief Trick Why chiefs should study LAPD’s crisis media response. Kim Raney President California Police Chiefs Association | 22 Beverly Hills chief I hope you find this edition of the magazine inspiring and informative. As always, thank you for your leadership during these trying times.  22 Stockton’s chief outlines the steps he’s taken to deal with multiple challenges. 30 Arrest Report San Bernardino’s chief arrests an armed man who tried to sell him stolen property. About Behind the Badge Editor Bill Rams Cornerstone Communications 949-200-6107 brams@cornerstonecommunications Editor Kathleen Freed Cornerstone Communications 949-200-6108 Editor/Advertising Manager Leslie McGill Executive Director California Police Chiefs Association 916-481-8000 Layout and design Erwin Morales Photographer Miguel Vasconcellos Spring 2013 |