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tatively is scheduled to run until the end of the school year and resume in the fall. Up to six students — all sophomores through seniors who attend either the 2,000-student Sequoia High or the alternative school Redwood High with 400 students — are invited to the meetings. “We go into each meeting with a freefor-all mentality,” Spicer says. “We have to have thick skin.” The teens are asked, for example, if they’ve ever had contact with an officer, and how they honestly feel they were treated. Like Gamez, Spicer came to Redwood City from the San Jose P.D., where he amassed more than 24 years of experience working with schools in that city. Spicer says the students selected for SCAN meetings are representative of a broad demographic. “We’re looking for kids of all types who we encounter on a regular basis,” he says. Topics of discussion so far have ranged from bullying to safety concerns at school to drug dealers, mental health issues and a train platform many students must cross while walking to and from school. “We’ve already gotten a number of takeaways from these SCAN meetings,” Spicer says. And the web-savvy teens also have advised Gamez on how to beef up the Redwood City P.D.’s social media efforts, such as by launching second Facebook page that will include human interest stories as well as local crimes stories and hyperlinks to topics of teen interest such as the latest shoe fashions. “We’re letting them have more of a voice,” the chief says. “We really think SCAN helps them feel more empowered, and we certainly see this evolving into a regular focus group for our department.” F.W. Wells, principal of Redwood High, likes what he sees so far. “Collaboration of this nature is a very important part and positive step for our students,” Wells says. ? “We go into each meeting with a free-for-all mentality,” Spicer says. “We have to have thick skin.” “Specializing in providing advice and representation to public entities and California’s law enforcement agencies.” A Trusted Legal Team… Experts in Public Sector and Law Enforcement Issues – Over 30 years of experience • • • • • • Municipal Law City Attorney Code Enforcement/City Prosecutor Government Tort Defense Internal Affairs Investigations Management & Operational Audits Representing over 75 California Cities and Public Agencies, including: • • • • • • Training in Personnel & Labor Issues Redevelopment Water Law ADA Review & Revision of Policy Manuals Health & Safety Recieverships Contact us today! 3777 N Harbor Blvd., Fullerton, CA 92835 Jones & Mayer Attorneys at Law (714) 446-1400 8 California Police Chief |