California Police Chief- Fall 2013 - Page 5

Membership Update By Craig Steckler, Chair, Membership and Communications Committee A s chair of the Cal Chiefs’ Membership Committee for the past 13 years, I have not only watched the organization grow and develop but have also witnessed the turnover in chiefs accelerate, even more so over the past several years. We have experienced some years where the number of new chiefs is between 35 and 65. This high level of turnover requires that we work hard to keep our database of members as current as possible, helping to insure that we are the most accurate resource for chiefs in California. At each CPCA Training Symposium we offer a workshop for new chiefs called, “What New Chiefs Need to Know.” This is an opportunity for us to introduce the association as well as provide resources for a successful career. In addition to the workshop, we also acknowledge and introduce each new chief during the Host Chief Night/New Chiefs’ reception. An accurate membership database also helps assists us in recognizing the tenure of our police chiefs. Chiefs are awarded years of service pins during the business meeting to help celebrate their leadership in 5-year increments, recognition ranges from 5 years all the way to 30 years. For the first time in many years we have an active Membership Committee and we are working with CPCA’s Membership Coordinator Shellie Willetts to prioritize the goals and strategies dealing with Member Services and Resources that are included in the recently adopted Cal Chiefs Strategic Plan. The complete plan is included in this issue for your reference. The Membership Committee includes: Morro Bay Police Chief Amy Christey, Hayward Police Chief Diane Urban, Fremont Police Captain Kimberly Petersen; Pacifica Police Captain Dan Steidle, Retired Hercules Police Chief Mike Tye and Retired Pleasant Hill Police Chief Pete Dunbar. We welcome their interest and participation. ? In this issue of the California Police Chief, we wanted to highlight the new chiefs that have come on board so far in 2013. Their names and agencies are listed below. We appreciate their support and involvement in Cal Chiefs. 1/1/2013 Mitchell Celaya, Calistoga Police Department 1/22/2013 Rikki Goede, Piedmont Police Department 2/25/2013 Robert Jonsen, Menlo Park Police Department 1/2/2013 Michael Wilson, Lake Shastina Police Department 1/28/2013 Gary Hoving, Guadalupe Police Department 2/25/2013 Art Miller, South Pasadena Police Department 1/3/2013 David Cerda, Parlier Police Department 2/1/2013 Mark Fronterotta, Inglewood Police Department 3/1/2013 Steve Frazier, Madera Police Department 1/8/2013 Galen Carroll, Modesto Police Department 2/5/2013 Robert Gager, Port Hueneme Police Department 3/22/2013 Manuel Rodriguez, National City Police Department 1/15/2013 Danny Hughes, Fullerton Police Department 2/22/2013 Sam Somers, Sacramento Police Department 4/9/2013 Richard Lucero, Fremont Police Department FALL 2013 | California Police Chief 5