California Police Chief- Fall 2013 - Page 28

ficers on a shift-by-shift basis, rather than on a weekly or monthly basis. The information is much more relevant and actionable, and it gives greater credibility to us assigning resources to hot spots or areas that we believe have a propensity for higher crime.” According to the Police Executive Research Forum as cited in a recent Motorola Solutions white paper, 90 percent of police departments plan to increase their use of predictive policing over the next five years. A real-time crime center sets the foundation for agencies to operationalize these predictive policing strategies and realize the full promise of their video surveillance investments by turning video into a real-time crime fighting tool. Public safety agencies across the country will be able to harness relevant data and move from reacting at a moment’s notice to more intelligent predictions and targeted counteractions. ? Tom Gross is the Director of Command Center Solutions for the Global Services and Solutions division of Motorola Solutions. Prior to joining Motorola, Tom retired from the Miami-Dade Police Department where he most recently served as Major of the Communications Bureau. Additional information regarding IDD, White Paper and Real-Time Crime center can be found here: IDD Design/PremierOne_Intelligent_Data_Discovery?utm_ source=communications&utm_medium=pressrelease&utm_campaign=iacp-rtcc-press-release&utm_ content=idd-link White Paper White%20Paper/_Static%20files/Safer_Cities_White_ Paper.pdf Real-Time Crime Center publicsafety/real-time-crime-center.html?utm_ source=communications&utm_medium=pressrelease&utm_campaign=iacp-rtcc-press-release&utm_ content=rtcc-link PROACTIVE POLICING WITH MOTOROLA'S REAL-TIME CRIME CENTER SOLUTION REAL-TIME CRIME CENTER SOLUTION CITIZENS Witnesses at the mall make calls to 911 911 CALL TAKER Answers calls, ?lls incident form and pushes to CAD operator CAD OPERATOR Pulls video feed guided by dispatcher information, sets response strategy, provides tactical support to of?cer in the ?eld via RTVI and radio console Enters incident, dispatches nearby units, establishes talk group BRINGING TOGETHER VAST STORES OF DATA FROM ACROSS THE GOVERNMENT ENTERPRISE APPLYING ANALYSIS TO TURN INFORMATION INTO INTELLIGENCE MAKING THAT INTELLIGENCE ACCESSIBLE TO INFORM DECISIONS AND ACTIONS To learn more, visit 28 California Police Chief | OFFICER Dispatched to an entrance, receives image of suspect from commander