California Police Chief- Fall 2013 - Page 11

LEGISLATIVE SWING Cal Chiefs at the Capitol This year Cal Chiefs strengthened its voice at the capitol with the addition of Lauren Michaels, Cal Chiefs’ new legislative coordinator. Working in conjunction with John Lovell, Cal Chiefs’ government relations manager, the duo helped shepherd two Cal Chiefs’ sponsored bills across the finish line resulting in both being signed by the governor into law. It is impossible to overstate the impact both of these professionals have on our association’s ability to advocate for the interests of front-line law enforcement. The Cal Chiefs Law and Legislative Committee was directly involved in the policymaking scene at the capitol. The questions, contributions and dialogue that defined the committee’s weekly conference calls had a direct impact on the passage, blockage and transformation of legislation. Indeed, many of the conclusions reached during these calls transpired into the language of public safety legislation. Furthermore, committee members directly reached out to members of the Legislature to seek clarification on legislation, verify legislative intent and discuss the public safety impacts of proposed legislation. Our Legislative Committee played a substantial role in the development of Assembly Bill 60, which permits undocumented persons to lawfully obtain a driver’s license. It was during a Cal Chiefs Legislative Committee call when the security features included in the final language of the bill were proposed. Committee members Chief Jim Leal and Chief Robert Lehner played a huge role in ensuring that this bill met the needs of public safety professionals. Our involvement with AB 60 was publicly noted numerous times within the Legislature and during signing ceremonies. As exemplified by this bill, Cal Chiefs has undoubtedly taken its legislative program to an entirely new level this year. In addition to Cal Chiefs’ unwavering and robust Legislative Committee, John Lovell was the driving force behind our successful year at the capitol. John’s professionalism, incomparable legislative insight, and amicable demeanor contribute to him being a welcomed and highly respected figure at the capitol. John’s undisputed legislative success has resulted in him being both highly respected by Cal Chiefs’ allies and loathed by those backing legislation that would adversely impact public safety. John’s reputation is so well regarded that Lauren has yet to walk into a legislative office without being told how wonderful John is and how lucky Cal Chiefs is to have him! Under his skilled and highly respected leadership, Cal Chief’s witnessed two of its sponsored bills signed into law. Our first success was Assembly Bill 767, by Assembly Member Levine, that will authorize every county to increase its motor vehicle fee from $1.00 to $2.00 and its commercial vehicles from $ 2.00 to $ 4.00 upon action by the county board of supervisors. These funds must be used for vehicle theft task forces or for DUI enforcement for some small counties that do not have an auto theft taskforce. Cal Chiefs was joined in sponsoring this legislation by the California State Sheriffs’ Association. The second bill sponsored by Cal Chiefs was Assembly Bill 986, one of the few By Chief David Swing, Chair of the Law and Legislation Committee bills passed that made changes in California’s realignment law. This bill, authored by Assembly Member Bradford, provides that city jails, as well as county jails, may be used for the purposes of flash incarceration of realignment felons ??\?H[?\??H?\\??\?[??Z\???][???X?\???H[\X??\??[?[?H?XZ?H?\??[??\??\?][?H?X[?[??[???\??[?K??][????[?H?Z[??Z[???[Y??\X?]K?\?[??\??\?][?\?H?X?X?[X]\??\????Y[?\?Y?]??[\?^[? ??\?YX\???]?\??\????]?]]??[[??\??[?]H?[ ?K?X????[]?H?YX?Y[?Y????\??[????[??\?????\???\?HXZ???[[??H?Y?X] ?H?[8?&\?[[X]H?]?\?H?\?[??[Y\??\??[?XYH?B?[?]?YX[?YY??[??[?YY???&H?\?Y[??[H?[?^x?&\?X?]?\?H]H?\]? ???]?]H[??Y?[Y[?[???X?]?]B?[[???]Y?H?YY????Y??]?[Y???XK]\??X??[]?H??[]?B??Y[?\??[?]?Y ???^YX\??[[??X?YH?\?[???[?YY???]?]?Y?\?]]?H?[[??\????]?\?Y?\?]\???\?HH?YX?????]\?H\???X[??KH[H???Y[??]H[??Y[??H??YY???[???HY?Z[??[??\?HYX[?[??[?]??[?\?H?Y?Y?[??]?[?]X[?H?Y?[?\?B??]?[?Y???HY?\??[HY??X?[??X?X??Y?]K?X\?HZ?H[YH?YY]?][?\????[Y?\?]?\?[??\?Y?\?]]?B???\?X\??[?XZ?H[?????[?\?[???X?[Y[???X^H M  ? M???\???\??[??X[Y?\?]]?H^K?8????