California Police Chief- Fall 2013 - Page 5

MEMBERSHIP Membership Update It’s that time again! Time to renew your Cal Chiefs membership dues, and as you know, membership in the California Police Chiefs Association is of great benefit not only to you, but to your city as well. Highlights of Cal Chiefs’ accomplishments this past year on behalf of our members include: • Procured $20 million in the 2016/2017 state budget for city police departments for use in helping agencies with homeless, mentally ill and at-risk youth in their communities. • Passed legislation to prevent distracted driving, prohibited medical parole for cop killers, and stopped civilian drone use in emergency settings. • Lead a hard fight against the passage of Prop. 64 by leading the opposition campaign and have continued to push for reconciliation between the enacted medical marijuana regulations and those that were contained in the Proposition to ensure protections for public safety. • Joined our public safety partners in opposition to Propositions 57, 62, and 63 on the state ballot. • Worked closely with Attorney General Becerra on the RIPA regulations that will implement the racial profiling bill, SB 953, to ensure the final regulations are not too burdensome on law enforcement. • Joined in a record number of amicus briefs that were successful in protecting the interests of police chiefs as well as maintaining local control in key issues. • Covered the good works and successful programs of our members through the California Police Chief magazine which is mailed to members twice a year. • Expanded our training offerings with three new training programs including Succeeding as a Police Chief: Beyond the Basics, an Advanced Role of the Chief’s Executive Assistant, and a Seconds in Command course. • Continued to provide 30 minutes of free legal counsel to all chiefs, now with Jim Touchstone at Jones & Mayer, and continued to provide chiefs with free access to crisis consulting with Bill Rams, our media consultant. In 2017/2018, Cal Chiefs plans to continue building our public policy advocacy and professional development programming and we look forward to the continued support of our members who make it all happen. Since the last membership update we have had the pleasure of welcoming 32 new chiefs and 38 new associate members. The names and agencies are listed next page.  ■ SPRING 2017 | California Police Chief 5