California Police Chief- Fall 2013 - Page 4

WELCOME FROM PRESIDENT MEDRANO Welcome to the Spring 2017 edition of the California Police Chief Magazine. Inside this magazine, you will find stories that highlight California’s innovative policing strategies and how our agencies are positively impacting the lives of the communities they serve. Also in this edition, you will find articles from our strategic partners, along with information on how to contact our Strategic Partners and Corporate Circle members. I hope this magazine will serve its purpose to provide information and be a resource to all of our members. We recently held our 41st Annual Training Symposium in Monterey, California, and I want to thank all of the members that attended in support of the conference and all of the past presidents and dignitaries that joined us in Monterey. Our conference featured many dynamic speakers and training sessions that helped inform our members about the challenges they face in modern policing. I want to make a special point to thank the California Police Chiefs Association staff and our Training Committee for putting on this conference. In addition, I want to thank Chief Hober from the Monterey Police Department and all of the Chiefs from Region 9 for their efforts to make this conference a success. This year we will be facing a number of challenges with the introductions of several challenging bills for law enforcement and the implementation of new laws and regulations. CPCA is focused on several important areas and we will continue to do our best to mitigate the impacts to our profession and our communities. A couple of the key items includes: • Implementation of Data Collection under AB 953 • Ensuring the regulations for Recreational and Medicinal Marijuana are a single system due to the passage of Prop-64 • The debate about immigration and the impacts to local law enforcement • Drugged Driving • Body Worn Video and video release policies • Reduction in POST Funding • Early Release and the reduction of criminal penalties I want to remind our members that CPCA recently c WFVBG2Wr7G&FVv2f6##FBvVf7W2@6RFRF&V7FbW"766F2vRfRf'v&B2'BbFRWrv&w&W2v&Rf&VBFVWBW"7G&FVv2&V7FfW26FBRFRVBF&V6Rf֖Ɩ"vFW"FB27FVBFRvV'6FPB66FW"rv&w&WFBFW&W7G2RvRvVVBVvvVB7FVFW'2FRW"7G&FVv2&VƗGख66rFRgFVVvFfRBf6R'&FfRFB27W'&VFVBƖ6rVVG2F6vRF2V"FR6Ɩf&Ɩ6R6Vg2766Fv&VFVF6FRW"Vff'G2FV6rFR7&VF&ƗGBG'W7BvFW"6VFW2BF𦆖vƖvBbFR7&VF&Rv&FB2&VrFR'FRVBvVrVf&6VVBF&VvWBF27FFR6Ɩf&gFVVG2FRvƖ6rfFB&fW76Ɨ6vRVVBF&V֖BW"W'6VBW 6VFW2bFR'B&RvR66WGBFR&R6ƖrbV&Ɩ26W'f6Rf"FgFVvRf7W2FPVvFfRvVFW&R26V6vB&VrFRFǒ&62'V&W"bW"&fW76f'v&BFv&pvFbW"V&W'2BFRW6WF547FfbFV7W&RFBW"V&W'62&W&W6VFVBvVBFBvPFW"G'W7B2vR6W'fR2( FRf6RbB&W6W&6Rb66Rf"6Ɩf&( 2V6Ɩ6R6Vg2( Х66W&VǒVGv&BVG&VGv&BVG&&W6FV@6Ɩf&Ɩ6R6Vg2766F@6Ɩf&Ɩ6R6Vbwwr6Ɩf&Ɩ6V6Vg2&