California Police Chief- Fall 2013 - Page 33

SAFETY FIRST ecoATM ® kiosks have provided a safe, secure, and innovative way for consumers to recycle over ten million used or broken mobile devices since 2009. To learn more visit: 3 HIGH RESOLUTION CAMERAS A remote attendant verifies and approves every transaction through the cameras in real-time. The cameras also capture multiple images of sellers. SCREENS PHONES FOR ACTIVE KILL SWITCH Some manufacturers have introduced software to disable stolen phones. If the kiosk detects such a “kill switch,” it will reject the transaction unless the user is able to deactivate it. DEVICE SECURITY CHECK The serial numbers of valuable devices are collected and verified through the service CheckMEND to confirm a device hasn’t been reported lost or stolen. NIST COMPLIANT BIOMETRIC DEVICE A valid thumbprint is captured on every transaction report and included in every transaction report. ID VALIDATOR A valid government-issued ID is required for every transaction. Photos of the actual ID are captured and added to every transaction report. ecoATM kiosks are installed in over 180 locations in California & are part of our nationwide network of 2,400 kiosks in 44 states. No warrants or subpoenas when a device is requested by law enforcement. No cost to law enforcement or the victim for returned items Meets all requirements of CA Business & Professions Code section 21625 et seq. Working with the CA DOJ for full transaction reporting via the California Pawn & Second Hand Dealer System (CAPSS). ©2017 ecoATM, LLC. All Rights Reserved. ecoATM, Gazelle and their associated logos are trademarks of ecoATM, LLC.