California Police Chief- Fall 2013 - Page 27

this year’s Legislative Day included a collaboration between Cal Chiefs, CHP and Assemblymember Tom Lackey. Together, we hosted a DUID enforcement demonstration to show legislators and their staff how traffic stops work and how officers can detect the presence of drugs in an impaired driver. “Today was a great opportunity to show Legislators, their staff and the media how law enforcement handles traffic stops with suspected drug-impaired drivers. There are a lot of misconceptions about the steps and procedures that officers take to ensure they do not falsely arrest people who are not impaired and today was a great way to correct those misconceptions. We were also able to show how new technology can be used to give officers an objective way to detect recent drug use and improve enforcement efforts. I want to extend a big thanks for the California Police Chiefs Association and the Sacramento Police Department for making this demonstration happen” said Assemblymember Tom Lackey. As Cal Chiefs continues to expand its advocacy program, we hope to see you at our next Legislative Day in Sacramento May 16, 2018!  ■ SPRING 2017 | California Police Chief 27