California Police Chief- Fall 2013 - Page 26

LEGISLATIVE DAY On May 10th, a wave of navy blue descended upon the State Capitol. Chiefs from across the state joined legislators and state officials for Cal Chief’s 4th Annual Legislative Day to discuss high-priority legislation and issues. Chiefs heard from Senators Mike McGuire and Jim Nielsen as well as Assemblymember Jim Cooper and Medical Cannabis Regulation Bureau Chief Lori Ajax before heading over to the Capitol for a live DUID demonstration, tour of the Capitol and meetings with legislators. Senator Jim Nielsen and Assemblymember Jim Cooper were presented with Cal Chiefs’ Legislator of the year awards for their support, collaboration and legislative leadership. “This year’s legislative day really highlighted the shifting dynamics at the State Capitol in response to the 26 California Police Chief | new Presidential Administration. We had great discussions on the need to balance the safety concerns of our communities and political support for legislation like SB 54 and the need to protect public safety,” explained Chief Jennifer Tejada, chair of Cal Chiefs’ Law and Legislation Committee, “as the political rhetoric continues to heat up, it is critical that chiefs inform their elected officials about the real impacts of their legislation” continued Tejada. Chiefs were able to network with each other and share strategies for success when contacting their legislators about legislation of consequence, as well as meet with the legislators in a relaxed setting at one of the many bars within walking distance of the Capitol. “My first visit to the State Capitol was earlier this year after being appointed as chair of the marijuana policy committee. Being able to connect with chiefs who have been visiting the Capitol for years gave me some new tools and strategies that I will be sure to use during my next conversation with my state Senator” said Chief Chris Dewey. In addition to networking and presentations from elected officials,