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to serve of members of Folsom’s faith-based community. The FHI is a multi-religion/multi-denominational group, currently comprised of eight small teams of volunteers who assist the Navigator in preparing a homeless client for eventual matriculation to stable housing. One team of three FHI members are attached to a client and, after establishing a relationship with the client and under the guidance of the Navigator, FHI members can assist the client with many of the necessary tasks to work towards housing. Further, the FHI team members act as mentors and sponsors, essentially coaching the clients towards success. This in turn frees up valuable Navigator time, allowing for an increase in assessments performed and a decrease in the time it takes to prepare a client for transitional housing. Fire Chief Haverty, who is working towards becoming a Deacon in his church, acts as a liaison between the City, the Folsom Police Department, and the FHI members. With his intimate knowledge of City government and his strong connections to Folsom’s faith-based community, Chief Haverty is uniquely qualified for this role. The program is not for everyone. By rule, any clients with criminal histories of violence, sex crimes, or weapon violations are not candidates for the FHI mentoring. They can still work with our C.C.S.U. team and our Navigator but will not make contact with FHI. MOVING FORWARD The FHI is relatively new and a work in progress. One of issues identified early was the specific skills and traits the Navigator must possess in this model. By job description, a Navigator is an expert in the causes of homelessness and at traversing the various bureaucracies that must be No. Doubts. A dark alley is no time to doubt who’s Over 30 successfully addressed to get a client into housing. In the FHI model, the Navigator must also be an educator, a case manager, and possess strong communication skills. Our FHI members have asked for an increase in training and communication and we will soon have quarterly training and information sharing meetings to achieve that goal. The Folsom Faith and Homelessness Initiative was born out the desire to achieve productive, long-term solutions to the issue of homelessness while simultaneously providing an opportunity for our amazing faith-based community to serve in concert with City government. Evaluated on the basis of the creation of a successful partnership built upon mutual respect and trust, the FHI has been an unqualified success. We envision this relationship will translate to practical and demonstrable results.  ■ YEARS got your back. For software, trust Sun Ridge Systems’ RIMS CAD and Records Management. It’s like having a reliable partner that works with everyone in your department. A partner that has detailed information of everything that’s ever happened - available instantly in your vehicle, at the station or on your mobile device. You want to make the smart choice for software. Choose the system that is time-tested, will provide long-term satisfaction for your personnel, and is cost effective. So, when the pressure is on - on the streets and on your budget - choose the most powerful, organized backup on the market. After more than 30 years, no one does a better job supporting law enforcement than Sun Ridge Systems. Computer Aided Dispatch Records Management Jail Management Mapping Digital Imaging Mobile Computing Sun Ridge Systems, Inc. POLICE DEPARTMENTS • SHERIFF DEPARTMENTS • SCHOOLS & UNIVERSITIES • SECURITY DEPARTMENTS - 800-474-2565 SPRING 2017 | California Police Chief 21