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LAW ENFORCEMENT WEBINAR SERIES 2017 CERTIFIED IN-SERVICE TRAINING WITHOUT COST Continuing in 2017, American Military University (AMU) will be hosting 1-hour webinars without cost to help law enforcement officers* stay current on topics covering: • DarkNet Awareness • DarkNet Investigations/Operations • Digital Currency Awareness • Social Media/Apps Part 5 • UAV/Drone Operations for Law Enforcement • UAV/Drone Counter Measures • Social Media Monitoring during Civil Disturbance • Islamic Radicalization • Domestic and International Kidnapping Investigations • Drug Smuggling Tactics and Money Laundering (Digital Currency) Webinar attendees may receive a 5% tuition grant for degree and certificate courses at AMU. TO REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR SERIES VISIT INPUBLICSAFETY.COM/WEBINAR OR CONTACT INSTRUCTOR JIM DEATER AT JDEATER@APUS.EDU. AMU is part of the accredited American Public University System and certified to operate by SCHEV. *The webinars include law enforcement-sensitive information; therefore all registrants will undergo a verification process to ensure they are current law enforcement officers, analysts, or law enforcement support personnel.