California Police Chief- Fall 2013 - Page 16

City Love - By Chief Corey Sianez and Charlene Magruder Still in its infancy stages, the LOVE BUENA PARK movement faithfully continues, thanks to the efforts of Police Chief, Corey Sianez, and the support of Buena Park’s faith-based groups. With around 500 volunteers, the second, annual LOVE BUENA PARK community service day took place on Saturday, April 29, 2017. People from all over the city submitted various improvement projects which revolved around everything from pulling weeds, assembling hygiene kits for the homeless, replacing walkways, to conducting a food drive. During a warm, sunny California day, the event began bright and early with high- energy music which got our group of committed volunteers pumped up with enthusiasm! Chief Sianez welcomed the crowd, recognized dignitaries, and then everyone eagerly left to go work on their projects. Buena Park’s restaurants donated delicious food in the morning and afternoon to keep volunteers fueled as everyone worked in unison to improve and beautify various areas of our city. We received overwhelming support from our city’s churches, home improvement retailers, amusement attractions, restaurants, schools, car 16 California Police Chief | dealerships, small businesses and other service organizations. But, this came with no surprise because when there’s a need, the residents and businesses partner with our agency to come together and make things happen! Our officers were out there working up a sweat in t-shirts, work gloves and boots alongside the volunteers, in a concerted effort of bringing people together and serving one another. Following completion of projects, the after-party celebration was a family- oriented time of fun and laughter that included bounce houses, games, prizes, face painting, balloons, and live local bands. Knott’s Berry Farm’s Snoopy paid a visit and a great time was had by all! Despite other cities’ participation in the “Love Your City” campaign, mirroring the Love Modesto campaign, Buena Park’s involvement is quite exceptional because we know that our city is an entertainment corridor where many people congregate. This unique characteristic provides the ideal setting for our police department to stop and focus directly on the inherent value of relationships with all those involved in each and every city event. The success of LOVE BUENA PARK is a clear indication that our relationships with those we serve are the strongest they’ve ever been. Whether it’s our homeless neighbors or others in need, this is the time when everyone’s drive to help reaches the surface! In a world often plagued by community division, the opposite is true for Buena Park as our city continues to thrive in harmony with one another. In addition to bonding and building strength, the LOVE BUENA PARK service day provides Chief Sianez with yet another opportunity to be visible, authentic and faithful in upholding his oath of honor. We are confident LOVE BUENA PARK will continue for years to come and look forward to “paying it forward” in ways that are unimaginable. ■