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MEMBERSHIP • Developed a white paper on Evidence Based Policing with many resource links and held a workshop at the Annual Training Symposium on the Importance of Evidence-Based Policing for Executive Managers. Both the white paper and training were developed through our Evidence Based Policing Workgroup. • Sent out hundreds of member information emails including requests for research on behalf of our members as well as legal and legislative alerts, Capitol Updates and News Briefs to keep our members informed on new developments and offerings and to help agencies with their research requests. • Updated our website to streamline and simplify the links to information and to create separate websites for our Annual Training Symposium and Women Leaders in Law Enforcement Training Symposium. Changes and updates continue to be made as implementation moves forward. • Continued to provide 30 minutes of free legal counsel to all chiefs, now with Jim Touchstone at Jones & Mayer, and continued to provide chiefs with free access to crisis consulting with Bill Rams, our media consultant. • Covered the good works and successful programs of our members through the California Police Chief magazine which is mailed to members twice a year. Since the last membership update, we have had the pleasure of welcoming 13 new chiefs and 32 new associate members. The names and agencies are listed below. Please help us welcome them all!  ■ CONGRATULATIONS NEW CHIEFS! 11/30/2018 Kevin Jones Susanville PD 12/29/2018 Michael Matteucci Burlingame PD 3/8/2019 Allen Byers Gridley-Biggs PD 12/1/2018 Eric Christensen Oakley PD 1/22/2019 Michael Ishii Hawthorne PD 3/15/2019 Jose Tellez National City PD 12/6/2018 Dean Milligan Downey PD 1/30/2019 Stu Greenberg Tustin PD 4/21/2019 Thomas DaRe Garden Grove PD 12/8/2018 Michael Hadden Colton PD 2/4/2019 Alan Piombo Mill Valley PD 4/24/2019 Chad Ellis Nevada City PD 12/15/2018 Jared Rinetti Union City PD 3/1/2019 Joe Mariani Lompoc PD 4/26/2019 Jason Wu Belvedere PD CONGRATULATIONS NEW ASSOCIATES! Ray Drabek Lieutenant, Anaheim PD Michael Hill Lieutenant, Beverly Hills PD Kevin Mensen Captain, Chino PD Chris Moody Lieutenant, Anaheim PD Frank Nunes Captain, Buena Park PD Eric Thunberg Captain, Chula Vista PD Stephen Blunk Lieutenant, Anderson PD Andrew Dally Captain, Capitola PD Henry Dominguez Captain, Colton PD 6 California Police Chief |