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MEMBERSHIP Membership Update It’s that time of year for dues renewals. 2019/20 dues invoices will go out by email in May. If you have funds still available, you can pay when you get the email. You may also wait and pay your dues invoice on July 1. If you have any questions about dues, please contact Shannon Mahoney, Member Services Manager, at Highlights of Cal Chiefs’ accomplishments this past fiscal year on behalf of our members include: • Worked to prevent AB 931, the Use of Force bill sponsored by Shirley Weber, from reaching the Governor’s desk. As part of our effort we held a press conference that we livestreamed on Facebook and brought a Use of Force simulator to the state Capitol for legislators and the media to try so they could experience the split second decision making our officers face every day. • Worked on important amendments to AB 1421 that allowed us to support this bill, to demonstrate that police chiefs hold officers accountable for their actions. • Are currently promoting SB 230, our Use of Force bill, and opposing AB 392, (Weber) and are actively engaged with a consulting firm to assist us in our communications strategy around these pieces of legislation. • In concert with law enforcement stakeholders and the retail industry, helped qualify our Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe Act of 2018 for the 2020 ballot. The initiative is designed to counter the impacts of Props. 47 and 57 and we are hopeful of its passage. • Rebranded our Training Seminars and created an Executive Development Certificate program. Members completing our “Becoming a Police Chief: Developing a Mindset for Success and Service,” “Succeeding as a Police Chief: Beyond the Basics” and “Strategic and Succession Planning for Chiefs of Police & Seconds in Command” qualify to receive the certificate which is mailed to them with a congratulatory letter. • Rebranded our training developed to enhance and encourage stronger partnerships to include: “Partnering for the Success of Your City: A Course for Police Chiefs and City Managers,” “Partnering for Your Department’s Success: A Course for Law Enforcement Executive Assistants,” and “Partnering for Team Success: A Course for Seconds in Command.” • Thanks to the work of our Addressing the National Narrative workgroup, we launched 4 regional communications training courses to emphasize tools and communications strategies agencies can use to build more trust with their communities. “Having a Communications Strategy that Works in Your Community” was held around the state and received positive reviews. • In total, Cal Chiefs presented 18 training programs for chiefs, seconds and chiefs’ executive assistants and held three one day summits: Our Technology Summit, What’s Your Story Media Summit, and our Legislative Summit. We also just recently held a very successful Annual Training Symposium in Santa Clara and a sold- out Women Leaders in Law Enforcement Symposium in Palm Springs. • Held Class 2 of our newly created Executive Leadership Institute at Drucker, a two-week intensive leadership development program in partnership with the Drucker School of Management on the Claremont Graduate University Campus and launched Class 3 which will be held July 13-27, 2019. SPRING 2019 | California Police Chief 5