California Police Chief- Fall 2013 CPCA_2019_Spring Magazine- FINAL - Page 24

“There’s never a good time to leave, but there is a right time.” Current President Ronald Lawrence, Chief of Police in Citrus Heights says, “There is no question the lasting legacy Chief Jerry Dyer has left with our association and profession. With more than 80,000 peace officers serving and protecting California, there are only 333 municipal police chiefs, and Chief Dyer’s career is among those that clearly stand out. Since 1966, the California Police Chiefs Association has relied upon dedicated police chiefs committed to volunteering their energy and efforts, beyond their own jurisdiction’s responsibilities, to represent all municipal police chiefs throughout the Golden State. Serving as our 43rd President in 2008, Jerry is among a respected list of past presidents who have not only improved policing in California but has made significant advancements to our police profession in the United States. Like many of our CPCA past presidents, Jerry has left an indelible mark on California policing, leaving a legacy that any CPCA president would hope to replicate.” Past President Susan Manheimer, Chief of Police in San Mateo says, "Chief Dyer’s so highly respected within our law enforcement community because of his long and dedicated contributions both as a chief and as a national and statewide leader in policing. I am proud to call him friend and colleague and hope he reaps as much as he has sowed!" 24 California Police Chief | Past President David Maggard, current Chief of Police for Los Angeles World Airport Police says, "I don’t know of anyone in the past two decades who has contributed more to policing in California than Jerry Dyer. I have always admired his personal convictions, his passion for our work and his tireless service to his community and to all he has served with." But the quotes do not stop there. This article submission idea came from his assistant of over 20 years, Eileen Guzman. When Eileen heard about the opportunity to showcase Chief Dyer and his amazing career, she jumped on it. Here’s what she had to say, “Fresno, California has been blessed to have the greatest Chief of Police as their Chief for the past 18 years. No other person can come close to the honor, respect and admiration that the citizens of Fresno have for Police Chief Jerry P. Dyer. Job well done Chief; you will truly be missed by all. Congratulations on your retirement.” There aren’t many Police Chiefs who have made it as chief for 18 years let alone, 40 years with the same department. Chief Dyer is truly an exceptional leader, husband of 39 years, father, grandfather, and son of God. To put it in the words of the chief himself, “There’s never a good time to leave, but there is a right time.” ■