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YOUR NEW EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT CERTIFICATE PROGRAM In recognition and appreciation to many of you that have taken the time and effort to attend CPCA training courses, we’ve designed a program just for you! The California Police Chiefs Association is excited to offer its Chiefs and Seconds in Command an exclusive Executive Development Certificate. The Executive Development Certificate program features three classes that will help shape your executive future. Upon completing the executive program courses within three years, you will receive a California Police Chiefs Association Executive Development Certificate. We strongly believe that the training we provide contributes to the betterment of the law enforcement profession, and strengthens the skillset of Police Chiefs, Seconds in Command, and ultimately those department wide. This certificate honors your devotion to shaping your executive future through learning the relevant information that affects Executive Leaders in law enforcement today. The executive program courses are the following: Becoming a Police Chief: Developing a Mindset for Success and Service Succeeding as a Police Chief: Beyond the Basics Strategic and Succession Planning for Chiefs and Seconds in Command If you have attended any or all these courses in the last three years (retroactive to the beginning of 2016), they will be honored in receiving your Executive Development Certificate. If you are eligible to receive a certificate, or have any questions about the program, please contact Brittany Davis, Program Coordinator, at bdavis@  ■ ecoATM ® kiosks have provided a safe, secure, and innovative way for consumers to recycle over tens of millions of used or broken mobile devices since 2009. Learn more at: LIVE VERIFICATION A remote attendant verifies and approves every transaction through three high-res cameras in real time. The cameras also capture multiple images of the sellers which are included on the transaction report. SCREENS PHONES FOR ACTIVE KILL SWITCH Some manufacturers have introduced software to disable stolen phones. If the kiosk detects such a “kill switch,” it will reject the transaction unless the user is able to deactivate it. CAPTURES SERIAL NUMBER & DEVICE PHOTOS The ecoATM ® kiosk electronically extracts the serial number (IMEI, MEID, etc.) for each phone if technically possible. Images of the device are included on the transaction report. ID VALIDATOR A valid government-issued ID is required for every transaction. Photos of the actual ID are captured and added to every transaction report. NIST COMPLIANT BIOMETRIC DEVICE A valid thumbprint is captured and included in the transaction report where required by law. PROUD SUPPORTER ©2018 ecoATM, LLC. All Rights Reserved. ecoATM, Gazelle and their associated logos are trademarks of ecoATM, LLC. 20 California Police Chief | FBI NAA FBI NEIA FBI LEEDA IACP/ecoATM Leadership in Crime Prevention Award