California Police Chief- Fall 2013 CPCA_2019_Spring Magazine- FINAL - Page 18

Five Ways A Law Enforcement Search Engine Can Help Improve Public Saftey Over half of violent crimes and 80% of property crimes go unsolved each year. The information that can solve and prevent these crimes exists but is frequently locked away in inaccessible legacy information silos within the 18,000 local and state law enforcement agencies in the United States. With a law enforcement search engine, you can access all of your agency’s data — along with data from agencies across the United States — with a single, easy-to-use tool. Forensic Logic deploys the largest, most powerful network of users, information and technology in American law enforcement. With the most advanced search and analysis capabilities in the industry, we give our users the information they need to keep themselves and their communities safe. Discover the five ways a search engine can help improve public safety. 1. ACCESS A VAST NETWORK OF INFORMATION With Forensic Logic, patrol officers, investigators, analysts and command staff can quickly and easily find critical information from any web-enabled device, whether they’re at their desk or in the field. With over 1.3 billion agency records, we power the most powerful network of law enforcement information in the country. You can access a wide range of data, including court data, evidence, and lab data, NIBIN shell casing reports, mugshots, probation and parole information, warrants, CrimeDex alerts, BOLOs, vehicular data and the universe of Thomson Reuters CLEAR records. 18 California Police Chief | 2. QUICKLY FIND THE INFORMATION YOU NEED Law enforcement officers can’t wait until they’re back at their desk to track down the information they need. When solving crimes, every second counts. Quick access to relevant information improves situational awareness for law enforcement users at all levels. With Forensic Logic’s search engine, your investigators and patrol officers can access relevant, actionable information while still on scene at major incidents from any web-based device. The ability to quickly search the Forensic Logic database for leads and suspects helps your officers make more informed decisions, solve crimes more quickly and improve safety.