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possessing the proper acumen for success within the department, identifying applicants who possess a contemporary collaborative and service- based problem-solving attitude, and ones who are not technologically averse. A thorough background process by department personnel has been essential for our success. These officers conducting backgrounds for potential employees must possess a clear understanding of the character traits of our Department values, how it manifests in the workplace, and a comprehensive evaluation of work history will be the benchmark for evaluation. months from the time you take a written exam to the time you started a police academy. In today’s fast paced world, instant results are a must to be able to secure good candidates. The Carlsbad Police Department and our Human Resource Department did this by condensing a written test, Physical Ability Test, and Oral Interview for new recruits into a two- week process. For lateral Applicants using Facetime and Skype for interviews has broaden the ability for them to recruit from all over the country. A fresh look into law enforcement recruitment is required to meet the staffing challenges of the future. If we are asking our officers to lead by example in the community, then departments must be willing to be front runners in identifying the need to consider changing recruitment practices within today’s dynamic work force environment. We must be willing to apply successful business practices regarding the hiring of police officers, utilize innovative and collaborative approaches to recruitment, and clearly identifying the character traits required to possess in order to be successful within today’s law enforcement profession. ■ • EMBRACING YOUR HUMAN RESOURCE TEAM. Hiring challenges can only be solved if a collaborative effort is made between all the stake holders, both inside and outside the Police Department. Developing a “team effort” attitude, having daily contact, and identifying shared goals with our Human Resource “partners” has been a large part of our success. As well, the Human Resource Department has been essential in assisting us in developing strategic hiring processes for our department’s future hiring challenges. Historically it took up to 6 or 8 30 YE O ve r No. Doubts. ARS Computer Aided Dispatch Records Management Jail Management Mapping Digital Imaging Mobile Computing Sun Ridge Systems, Inc. A dark alley is no time to doubt who’s got your back. For software, trust Sun Ridge Systems’ RIMS CAD and Records Management. It’s like having a reliable partner that works with everyone in your department. A partner that has detailed information of everything that’s ever happened - available instantly in your vehicle, at the station or on your mobile device. You want to make the smart choice for software. Choose the system that is time-tested, will provide long-term satisfaction for your personnel, and is cost effective. So, when the pressure is on - on the streets and on your budget - choose the most powerful, organized backup on the market. After more than 30 years, no one does a better job supporting law enforcement than Sun Ridge Systems. POLICE DEPARTMENTS • SHERIFF DEPARTMENTS • SCHOOLS & UNIVERSITIES • SECURITY DEPARTMENTS - 800-474-2565 SPRING 2019 | California Police Chief 17