California FFA News Fall 2016 - Page 16

California FFA has a leadership conference Greenhand Leadership Conference (GLC) What: Who: When: Introduction to Agricultural Education, Career Success Freshmen One Day Conferences held in August, September, and October Introduces students to the benefits and opportunities in Agricultural Education, including SAE and FFA. This conference is the “hook-line-and-sinker” to get students to buy into Agricultural Education throughout their four years in high school. #ffaGLC @taycfoster @joshua5234 @yaay_meee_ @ijackaitken @californiaffa Made for Excellence Conference (MFE) What: ME: Student Development, Personal Growth Who: Sophomores When: Two Day Conferences held in January and February Personal development starts with the individual. Self-discovery of talents, strengths, interests and personal character are emphasized as the individual is channeled to discover their passion in life. This conference focuses on “Student Development and ME: one’s personal skills and development of the ability to be successful.” #ffaMFE @ally_highfill hollister_ffa LEADERSHIP, EXCELLENCE, and CRAZY CAR RIDES - OH MY! These 8 students expanded their leadership skills and opportunities within the FFA. The past 24 hours have taught these students how to exert positive influences in the Hollister FFA. #ffaMFE #ffaALA @neverfeltstronger Advanced Leadership Academy (ALA) What: WE: Chapter Development, Personal Growth Who: Juniors When: Two Day Conferences held in January and February Once a leader is comfortable with their own self and self-purpose, they can discover how to work with others and establish a goal. The process for analyzing program needs and planning a project or event is the focus of this conference as students discover how to be teams of innovative leaders in their chapter. This conference about “WE: the individual leader, their relationships with others and how to establish common vision.” #ffaALA @kendall_wilson3 @coleibbotson gustineffa 20 proud Gustine FFA members attended the Made for Excellence and Advanced Leadership Academy conferences this past weekend in Modesto. There, they learned different strategies and methods used in order to ensure they make the best out of their FFA experience. Congrats everyone! 💙💙 #ffaMFE #ffaALA #GustineFFA Sacramento Leadership Experience (SLE) What: SERVE: Community Development, Personal Growth Who: Seniors When: Four Day Conference held in March Students step into the role of one of California’s State legislators, are assigned a specific California district and spend four days in Sacramento. SLE is all about the role of government, agricultural policy and advocacy. This conference focuses on Community Development and SERVE: the ability to grow and develop others and serve your community.” #ffasle falfal_98 What an amazing week it has been at SLE, from debating bills to lobbying agriculture education to our local district representatives. It was truly unforgettable. #ffaSLE z_davis1313 Last week I had the time of my life at SLE!! Thank you to the counselors at the conference for teaching me the importance of our government and how I can make a difference advocating for agriculture and FFA. #ffaSLE #ffa #californiaffa #foreverblue jerkuh This past week, I had the opportunity to take on the position of our state legislature. Not only was I able to debate serious issues regarding agriculture on the floors of our state Capitol, I was also able to meet various political figures, as well as some extremely influential members of the agriculture industry. I am so incredibly thankful for this experience... #ffaSLE California FFA has a leadership conference Greenhand Leadership Conference (GLC) What: Introduction to Agricultural Education, Career Success Who: Freshmen When: One Day Conferences held in August, September, and October @californiaffa @ijackaitken @yaay_meee_ @joshua5234 @taycfoster #ffaGLC Introduces students to the benefits a ܝ[]Y\[YܚX[\[YX][ۋ[Y[QH[K\ۙ\[H\B'[[KX[ \[\'H]Y[^H[YܚX[\[YX][ۈY]Z\\YX\[Y XYH܈^[[Hۙ\[H QJB]HQNY[][Y[ \ۘ[ܛΈH[ܙ\•[H^Hۙ\[\[[[X\H[XX\B\\ٙHPQTT VSSK[ԐVBTQT HVHH\HY[^[YZ\XY\\[[ܝ[]Y\][HKB\ \]H]Y\HY[^\]]H[Y[\[H\\KٙSQHٙPSB]\[ۙ\[WY[ٙSQB\ۘ[][Y[\]H[]YX[ [Y\ݙ\Hو[[[[\\[\ۘ[\X\\B[\\^Y\H[]YX[\[[Y\ݙ\Z\\[ۈ[YK\ۙ\[H\\ۈ8'Y[][Y[[QNۙx&\\ۘ[[[][Y[وHX[]HHX\ٝ[ 'BY[YXY\\XY[^H SJB]HN\\][Y[ \ۘ[ܛΈH[[ܜ•[H^Hۙ\[\[[[X\H[XX\B\[YH Y\[HHY[X\][YBXYH܈^[[H[Y[YXY\\XY[^Bۙ\[\\\YZ[[[\ˈ\K^BX\YY\[]YY\[Y]\Y[ܙ\™[\H^HXZHH\]وZ\H^\Y[Kۙܘ]]\[ۙHH<'|'HٙSQHٙPSH\[QBZXۂ[[[ی‚ٙPSBۘHHXY\\YܝXH]Z\ۈ[[[\\K^H[\ݙ\ܚ]\[\X\H[ H\܈[[^[ܘ[HYY[[[HڙX܈][\H\و\ۙ\[H\Y[™\ݙ\HX[\و[ݘ]]HXY\[Z\\\\ۙ\[HX]8'NH[]YX[XY\Z\[][ۜ\]\[\X\[[ۈ\[ۋ'BXܘ[Y[XY\\^\Y[H JB]HTN[][]H][Y[ \ۘ[ܛΈH[[ܜ•[H\^Hۙ\[H[[X\ٙ\BY[\[HHوۙHو[YܛXx&\]HY\]ܜ\H\YۙYHXYX[YܛXH\X[[\^\[Xܘ[Y[ˈH\[X]HHوݙ\Y[ YܚX[\[XH[YXK\ۙ\[H\\ۂ[][]H][Y[[TNHX[]Hܛ[][\[\H[\[][]K'B[[N][[X^[YZ]\Y[]KBX][[ؘZ[˜YܚX[\HYX][ۈ\[\X\\[]]\ˈ]\[H[ܙ]XKٙTB]\LL\YZHYH[YHو^BYH]HHH[[HH[[ܜ]Bۙ\[H܈XX[YHH[\ܝ[Bو\ݙ\Y[[H[XZHBY\[HY][܈YܚX[\H[KٙTHٙH[YܛXYHٛܙ]\YB\Z\\YZHYHܝ[]HZHۈH][ۂو\]HY\]\KۛH\HXHX]H\[\\Y\œY\[YܚX[\HۈHܜو\]H\] H\[˜XHYY]\[\]X[Y\\\[\YH^[Y[B[Y[X[Y[X\وHYܚX[\H[\KH[H[ܙYXB[ٝ[܈\^\Y[KٙTB