Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 96

music from traditional to RnB to rap and soul. They say charity begins at home. That saying is very true. So let us support our artist by buying their music and going to their concerts. Singles can be bought as little as 50p and Albums as little as £5. Users of Salone TrueFans will also get free music downloads, exclusive invites to concerts, interact with the artists, watch latest music videos, watch artist interviews and be the first to get new singles and albums. The most important thing is that when you purchase a song the money goes directly to the artists. Let’s put music Sierra Leone on the map. On 28TH JANUARY 2012 Salone TrueFans organised a professional photo shoot for the new UK members of Salone TrueFans. Image is crucial as an artist. We put together this photo shoot to encourage the artists to think about their image and build a portfolio of professional pictures. It was a fun day with 11 artists and 4 models who took part in a photo shoot, TV advert and interviews. We want fans to really get to know their artists. We will be doing regular interviews with artists in London, USA and Freetown. The interviews in London will be presented by * An AUDIENCE with BOSS LADY*. The Aim and Objective for *An AUDIENCE With BOSS LADY* is to provide a platform through interviews and media publicity to allow grace for the artists voice and music to be heard. As Hostess of the Show I would like to entertain, uplift and enlighten millions of viewers in 94 | Calabash Magazine | issue nine awareness of SALONE MUSIC and what our Artists can offer as MUSICIANS and ENTERTAINERS. To be a Successful Artist you have to be SMART, HARD WORKING, ASSERTIVE, COLLECTED, EFFICIENT, HUMBLE, HONEST, FOCUSED, DETERMINED and MOTIVATED, VERSATILE among others or else you will never achieve your goals. Your skin has to be tough to hold the most NEGATIVE ORDOUR surrounding you to a POSITIVE FORT, or else your wall crumbles down and your accomplishments will go to waste. This is my message to all SALONE ARTISTS. As simple as it sounds, you must try to be the best person you can be: by making the best choices and making the most of the talents you’ve been given. I believe that life is a journey, often difficult and sometimes incredibly cruel, but you are well equipped for it if only you tap into your talents and gifts and allow them to blossom. C.H.A.N.G.E. = Choose Happiness And Never Give Excuses. FORGIVE and Forget Past Mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything else that has happened negatively except what you’re going to do NOW and DO IT POSITIVELY! Being considerate of others will take you further in life than a college qualification!! Humility and Compassion will earn you more Blessings and Favours than a University Degree!! Your Dedication and Commitment will win you the Success you seek as an Artist. This is the motto I live on: Always On Point, Swagger Tight, Mind Right, Fully Focused, Aim High, Unstoppable, Efficient!! Runnin’Tingz, 2Focused2Trip. The host who will be presenting the interviews with the artists in USA is Abubakarr Jalloh aka Salone Borbor. He is known as the number one promoter/ Comedian in USA and Freetown. He started promoting in 2006 simply by uploading artist videos and sharing their songs to his fans, and using social media sites to promote our Salone artists. Through his promotion he has made many artist songs reach number one both in USA and Free Town.