Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 94

music Put Salone music on the map by supporting our stars A fter the civil war in the 90s the country, Sierra Leone along with its music has been transformed. Today the entire nature of Salone music both in its creation and delivery is different from palm-wine, gumbe and other genres. Sierra Leone, similar to the rest of West Africa music, is being impacted by western rap, reggae, dancehall, RnB AND grime music. The war and conflict has resulted in a decrease in the presence of traditional music artist. The interest and spread of western culture has encouraged the young people of Sierra Leone to express themselves through a new style of music. Many songs, have political and social themes in them, and play a great role in informing the society and checking politicians. Many Sierra Leone artists now sing in both Creole and English which gives their songs a great chance of becoming international. 92 | Calabash Magazine | issue nine Regardless of the changes in Sierra Leone Music, we can still say that Sierra Leone music is enjoyed worldwide. However Piracy over the years has seriously damaged the financial returns of many artists and has prevented them from being successful in their career. The Campaign run by Cassette Sellers for anti-piracy started in 1996 and was finally billed by President Ernest Bai Koroma on Wednesday, July 13, 2011 known as The Copyright Act/Piracy Bill. Many Sierra Leone artists fully support the copyright laws where others argue that the law has made it even more difficult for artist than before. Not only with the piracy but many artists are being exploited by so called managers and promoters. In October 2011 Mr. and Mrs. Bangura decided that it would be a good idea to have an online shop where Sierra Leone Music would be available to buy as at present Sierra Leone music is not that accessible. What makes our Salone TrueFans different from other online music stores such as iTunes, Amazon and CD baby is that we are only dedicated to Salone Music /artists. Secondly, we do not take commission from the sales of the song the artist sell. Thirdly the revenue from the sale of the songs goes directly to the artist. The reason why we have decided not to charge commission from the sale of the songs is that we want the artists to make money from their music. By the artists making money from their music, they are able to make better music and make professional music videos, which is a must if any artist wants to see their music go international. At present Salone music is not accessible, especially in Europe. There is nowhere in London where you can buy Salone Music. I believe this is what encourages piracy; lack of accessibility of the music. Salone TrueFans website allows Salone music to be more