Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 93

celebration were in a heightened state of expectation for the triumphal entry of bride and groom both radiating sheer joy and happiness. The toastmaster, Mr Funso.....directed the speeches and toasts with considerable skill and even -handedness. There were the speeches and bits of advice, some from practical experience while others are from theoretical knowledge, but all well meaning. Such pearls of wisdom, if followed to the letter(if that were possible) should really make for a perfect and idyllic marriage. Food and drinks were provided in great abundance and it was quite apparent that no expense was spared to make the occasion a truly memorable one. What a pity closing time regulations were so strict as, before real justice to all the mass of goodies provided could really be done, it was time to call it a night. Everyone was reluctant to leave as large quantities of stuff was still waiting to be consumed by happy guests who were just settling down to some serious partying. May Olu and Assietu’s journey into that unique and most honourable estate of marriage be one long party. Bride, Groom and Best Men Bride, Groom , Page boys and flower Girls Bride and Bridesmaids issue nine | Calabash Magazine | 91