Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 90

celebration Asie Wurie and Olu Akani Wedding S ummer is generally regarded as the silly season. But for Sierra Leoneans and other West Africans in the Diaspora, it is the time for lavish do’s which usually take the form of really sumptuous weddings. As if on cue on this sunny Saturday in July 2011, Assie and Olu made their vows across two different religious backgrounds, cultures and national frontiers. The name Wurie is quite a household name in the educational, commercial and social spheres of life in Sierra Leone; it was therefore not surprising that many top people including the Sierra Leone High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, His Excellency Mr Edward Turay and senior officials from the High Commission, other distinguished personalities as well as private individuals of both countries turned up to honour these two young people coming from two different countries united as one. It however ,did not deviate Bride, Asie Wurie and Groom Olu 88 | Calabash Magazine | issue nine