Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 89

celebration Costo, Madiana, Felix and Sally bash and for the countless donations whether in cash, beverages, their precious time and just overall support to ensure the event was an unqualified success. She also went on to say that naming all these special people in her life who deserved being named would have taken all night, but as they all knew who they were, she expressed her sincere gratitude collectively for all their assistance in making her special day a wonderful a truly memorable one. She however could not help naming a few individuals to whom she wished to express her love, gratitude and appreciation such as Madina Mansaray, Fatmata Kamara, Neneh Cherry Kabia, Yeabu Koroma, Sia Nyandemoh and Sally Thomas. Throughout the planning of the occasion, She said that throughout the planning of the occasion, she had pestered them with endless calls, ideas, demands, and that she openly acknowledged all their contributions. She also thanked Mabinty Sankoh in the States whose patience and perseverance in driving from store to store I.B, Mary and Ndey to view all the various outfits that Mary had her eyes on was truly commendable. Without all these special and wonderful people, she would not have had such success at making this day such a memorable one to cherish for the rest of her lifetime. She praised all her guests for the way they were all beautifully turned out looking quite elegant and dapper. Prayers were offered for Mary and her son by Ms Nancy Banya who has also played a highly supportive role in her life during difficult times. Her Special Godmother, Mrs Jariatu Mahoi, who has been around Mary all her life, during her marriage, the good, sad and difficult times and in all aspects of Mary’s life also expressed her love, admiration, pride and support for her. Claudia and MC Desola Jessica, F.A., Mary and Yeabu Mustapha Adams Simeon 3rd and Mum Agie Kuku and Neneh issue nine | Calabash Magazine | 87