Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 88

celebration Sia, Linda, Iyesha and Carl Jariatu Mahoi Mr and Mrs Jonjo Madanni, Dianto, Akie, Bakarr & Obozo that he had been gently moulded, with the help of Mary’s mother, his grandmother, into a strong and capable teenager with good character and full of promise. He praised her boundless physical and emotional energies she lavished on him through her innumerable acts of love and support as a doting mother. His speech ended with him confirming to the guests that the greatest privilege in his life was having her as his mother and for which he thanked his lucky stars. The ambience and décor was created by one of Sierra Leone’s top event organizers: ‘ First Impression Event Ltd’ run by Laura Emonfomwan. It was a theme of diamonds and pearls, white carpet and just pure elegance and purity. Music was provided by the one and only Junior Kalie Kamara, who spun our favorite hits from the 80’s, 90’s as well as the latest Afro-Caribbean beats from all over the Globe. The evening’s activities exuded pure class and elegance, with a three course meal and provided by our very Nancy and Hannah Mary and Madanni 86 | Calabash Magazine | issue nine own Reginald Kargbo, who prepared savory, mouth watering, food for the guests. One guest even mentioned, “In all my 18 years in London I have never gone to any event that has had the kind of hot, tasty cuisine I was served tonight as this one”. Responding to the wonderful sentiments expressed by various speakers, Mary Kumbu –Smart emphasized that she had attained everything through the support of her parents, siblings and great friends, who had always been with her through good times and bad. She extended her appreciation to all those who had been with her throughout her life in various ways, thus helping to mould her into the woman that she had become. Words could not express her gratitude towards those who had always believed in her. The cutting of her birthday cake was with her son and her elder Brother Tapha. In her vote of thanks, she paid tribute to her many relatives and great friends who contributed to the success of her birthday