Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 87

celebration Mary and Madianna Mary and Sarah no effort in ensuring that Mary received a sterling upbringing. She also gave examples of some of their more daring exploits as teenagers, for instance, how they used to jump over the fence late at night when their parents were in bed to go clubbing in the 80’s. Ms Sally Thomas who is also a close friend of Mary’s and has virtually become a part of the Kumbu Smart family spoke movingly about her relationship with the celebrant. She went into detail about how over five years their relationship had blossomed from mere friendship to sisterhood. She touched on the changes that have taken place in Mary’s life in the past year including her son’s return to the UK and how much that had influenced the new beginning in this new decade of her life. Mary and Abu Cabia Mary and Leslie Jonjo Mr Giara Alhadi, who is like a brother to Mary could not stop thanking her for all her patience in accommodating him all hours of the day, when he would ring her bell for just about anything ranging from food to emotional support. Simeon Jonjo the third, Mary’s only child, had written a poem in honour of his mom, which he kept a secret for days so she wouldn’t stumble upon it. He printed several copies and asked his aunts to keep it in case he lost it that day; he wanted it to be perfect for his mom. Simeon could not stop praising his mum’s beautiful looks and thanking her for being an extraordinary mother; bringing him up to be a strong and hard working gentleman with the world at his feet. As Simeon stood taller than his mom at the tender age of 13, one could see Desola, Mary and Madanni Gaira Fatmata, Karim, Mary, Mustapha, Najiba and Tigi Mary and son, Simeon the 3rd Alhaji, Mary and Bintu Sia, Mary, Miata, Sia and Umu issue nine | Calabash Magazine | 85