Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 83

celebration Yours truly first met Mr and Mrs Koroma at their South London, Roland Way, residence sometime after their latest nuptials . It was an extremely cordial meeting and yours truly was treated like a long-lost uncle. And one of the husband’s first words after the usual introductions were: Pa, ar don mared tri tem. (I’ve been married three times)He must have seen the look of incomprehension on my face so he hastened to explain that the photographs he handed for publication in this magazine were those taken at the most recent one, which was the religious ceremony in a mosque. The couple first met when M’Balu was a mere sweet sixteen and still attending school. They first tied the knot in the traditional way (put kola) in 1989. This union was further cemented by a ceremony at the Registry office on the 27th day of December 2003. And as if to make assurance double sure, and convince the whole wide world that theirs is an unshakable love which no man will put asunder ( mek no man- puss nor pass under), they put on the final seal, first at the Annerly Town Hall followed immediately by the religious ceremony at the Sa. Leone Community Mosque in Brixton. issue nine | Calabash Magazine | 81