Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 8

Lollypop Coutures business 6 | Calabash Magazine | issue nine C oming from North London where it is something of a rarity to hear Krio being spoken in the street or in a bus, one gets the distinct impression, when in parts of South London, particularly in the Peckham area, of almost being back in Freetown say, in the Krootown Road area during its heyday. And so, armed with one of these Transport for London maps I’d printed off my computer, I made it as far as the Peckham Rye Station but once out of the Station, my map reading skills failed me and I had to resort to asking passers-by before finally getting directions from two passers-by in perfect Krio. I got there at last and was greeted very politely by this young gentleman sitting looking very calm and self assured. The pale blue lights, the surrounding mirrors and the under-floor lighting, all contributed towards conveying an impression of quality and good taste. The shop stands out like a beacon among a miscellany of drab shop fronts. Yours truly was impressed and duly congratulated him for the lovely arrangement and attractive display. My first question therefore was for an explanation of the trade name ‘Lollypop Coutures’. L Calabash: So, what’s your background ? Mr Lolly: I was born in the Nongowa district of Kenema which is in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone. That is where I received my earlier schooling before later furthering my education in the United Kingdom. Lollypop Mr Lolly: This is my business name which has been established for the past ten years and goes back to the time I was a promoter of artists and their music. I really started in the record production business under the ‘Lollypop label. The name therefore covers the artistic /showbiz, as well as the clothing or fashion angle.