Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 78

celebration The chairman for the occasion, Mr Madani Deen-Gabisi complimenting the newly wedded husband and wife, unfolded the story of how the two love birds met and built their relationship. He advised the newly weds to be faithful honest and just with each other and to respect each other at all times. Mr Abu Bakarr Conteh, the groom, praised his wife for her patience and said, “What else can I ask for? I have a beautiful woman who is lovely and adorable”. Remembering that crystal clear day, Abu said he went to his aunt and told her he had found his wife, adding “I will marry her on November 5 “. Abijah’s father, Mr Link, expressed his happiness in seeing this day come to fruition. He noted that looking after someone else’s child is very difficult, coming from two different backgrounds. He said he accepted Abijah wholeheartedly as his own daughter, and he thanked God she had turned out to be a nice lady and that she had met a very nice man who he admires. Bridemother, Bride, Groom and 76 | Calabash Magazine | issue nine Godparents Bride, Groom, page boys, Flower girls