Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 76

celebration God is at work hereWedding between Abu Bakarr Conteh and Abijah Gadd Story Raymond Akabi-Davis The “God Is at Work Here” hall had been turned into a Royal palladium. The massive stage bedecked with a background of golden pillars and purple-draped curtains, in front of which the newly weds sat on a cream and golden double-couched throne complimented with 2 cream and golden footstools. The guests had started arriving as early as 5pm to take their seats and await the arrival of the royal bride and groom. The Royal Table itself was decorated with an expensive white silk flowery-frilled table cloth and had 5 high table seats at each side. As the guests attired in a mixture of colourful array of beautifully tailored African costumes, headgears and suites patiently waited for the grand entrance of T he scene was set! The ambience just right! The Kingdom Life Ministry (KLM) in Surrey Quays was the perfect venue for the event of that unforgettable November evening. It was the sort of wedding reception that would be on one’s lips for ever. It was a wedding reception which smacked royalty for the beautiful and adorable bride, Abijah Gadd and the Groom, lovable and handsome Abu Bakarr Conteh who had moments earlier made their wedding vows to each other. 74 | Calabash Magazine | issue nine