Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 70

celebration Calabash: Apart from providing help for artistes what else does the Foundation do? Jacqueline: I am thrilled that in less that 4 years the Foundation has been able to develop an impressive portfolio of events, we now organise the UK’s foremost:Pageant for Talented ladies of colour Black History Month event, Community Champion Awards Ceremony Nubian Expo Calabash: What exactly is Black History Month (BHM)? Jacqueline: October is the month that heralds’ Black History Month Celebration in the UK. The purpose of which is to celebrate the achievements of Black people to date by showcasing historical, arts and cultural based activities. Calabash: Who is BHM it targeted at? Jacqueline: The activities and events are targeted at the UK community at large, people of all ages, sexes and who are of African and Caribbean heritage although individuals from other communities are also welcome to come and celebrate, communicate and convey our achievements too. Calabash: How did you come up with the idea of the Extravaganza? Jacqueline: I had the brainwave after attending a conference about How Governmental Funding cuts will affect communities. I was confident that the Miss Nubian Foundation could meet the need of our service users, the black communities and at the same time support charities by organising their own Black History Month Event .After months of planning the Inaugural Miss Nubian Black History Month Extravaganza was born. 68 | Calabash Magazine | issue nine Calabash: So who are the beneficiaries? Jacqueline: All in all the Extravaganza is a celebratory fundraising event. After 3 year the Miss Nubian Foundation Annual Black History Month Extravaganza incorporates all of the Foundation events thus providing an invaluable platform for up and coming breakthrough vocalists, fashion designers, models, musicians ,comedians ,make-up artists ,dancers, poets to showcase their talents and develop their audiences both in the UK and Internationally. The spotlight provides an excellent promotional catalyst for Charities to raise their profile and levels of awareness. of the plight of those living in the Diaspora. Entrepreneurs exhibiting their services or products also benefit as well as unsung community hero’s who are duly recognised and rewarded on the night for the efforts to heighten community cohesion and improve lives .Lastly ,the Miss Nubian UK finalists who are able to exemplify to all that they are more than just pretty faces and of course the overall winner who will be crowned Miss Nubian UK on the night. Throughout the evening our BHM Extravaganza adopts a edutainment theme and does not just provide an opportunity for Black people residing in the UK to celebrate their African & Caribbean culturally heritage ,it also enhances community cohesion and instil prides amongst the youth. Calabash: And what are the plans for the Miss Nubian Foundation in 2012? Jacqueline: Miss Nubian Foundation regenerates the momentous and Champion Black History Month ensuring that the associated celebrations are positioned on the UK’s mainstream events Calendar. This October’s Annual Black History Month Fundraising Extravaganza again will be held in London West Ends and is poised to be even bigger and better. To ensure that the event is the success ,The foundation is in desperate need of volunteers who are looking for work experience in Admin, PR/ Marketing, Multi media, and Hospitality Management. Additionally we are now interested in hearing from individuals who would like to donate, perform, sponsor, exhibit, become a media Partner, contestant, supporter or beneficiary:Calabash: How can anyone get in contact with Miss Nubian Foundation? Jacqueline: There are several ways, Email: Tel: 07861 219 057 Like us on our Facebook Page