Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 7

editorial TIME OF RECKONING!!! Sierra Leone is indeed a model state hailed all over the globe as a fast growing country which has emerged from war and dictatorship. And considering the period of such transformation from a state of complete collapse when the country was almost reduced to ashes by an atrocious war, deserves the commendations and accolades of statesmen and international organizations. The President, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma, is saluted for doing a good job and for his tolerant and pragmatic approach in the interest of peace and unity; but perhaps even more deserving of such accolades and high commendations are the long suffering and extremely tolerant people of the country, especially the women and children who bore the brunt of the rampaging hordes of Sankoh and his ilk. Who can forget the women raped, the limbs hacked off, properties looted and burnt, or the innocent bystanders who had nothing to do with any political skulldogery callously killed. Some people feel that the war should now be a thing of the past. But those who actually witnessed the brutalities and evil machinations of certain people, some of whom are today serving in lucrative and influential positions with human blood on their hands while others who have washed themselves white (or think they have),now have the audacity of asking the people to make them leaders of a country which they had actively contributed to bringing to its knees not so long ago. The average Sierra Leonean can forgive but they don’t easily forget. The blood of the many men, women and children killed innocently is still crying, if not for revenge, at least for justice. Let us hope that this will come one day. This magazine is not a political vanguard but a voice of the people in the Diaspora and the homeland. The people of the county have their weapons which are mightier than hundreds of corrupt politicians put together. It is to be hoped that this time around, they will make sure they put the right people in parliament, who in turn will be the referees for those who will be operating the state machinery. The present government’s trial period is gradually coming to an end and its performance is under strict scrutiny. As referees are prone to do, red cards should soon be flashing in the direction of certain members of Dr Ernest Bai Koroma’s team. And if he really wants to feature prominently in the annals of the history Sierra Leone, then a sizeable chunk of his current team should literally be seeing red. Truly the country has scored more pluses than minuses under Dr Ernest Bai Koroma’s watch, but sources in the country and abroad have revealed that if the President continued to surround himself with some of these sycophantic elements, better days for him will be a thing of the past. It is undeniable that there are those whose desire for political power is not in the interest of the country but simply to amass wealth and political office is a sure and certain route to wealth (of course, at the expense of the suffering masses). Some have fixed targets in terms of the number of houses, cars, etc they should have acquired after just three years in office! Has the President’s constant call for ‘Attitudunial Change’ meant anything to them. The Civil Society and OIGs may mean well; but it is certain that you cannot teach old dogs new tricks. The time of reckoning,the ELECTIONS is not too far away and if the people are given a free hand to choose, the wheat will be separated from the chaff. Calabash’s advice to the people of Sierra Leone is for all eligible voters to register, come election day go out and vote for the right people to run the state machinery effectively. Family Kingdom Resort Right across the Atlantic with its golden sands and magnificent water P.O. Box 94 Aberdeen Freetown, Sierra Leone Mob: 232 78-777949/30-202770 Tel: 23222231136 E-mail: Daisy Bona Consulting Editor issue nine | Calabash Magazine | 5