Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 69

Miss Nubian FoundationChampioning UK Black History Month celebration Calabash - I’m here at the Calabash Headquarters with Miss Nubian Foundation‘s CEO, the inspirational Jacqueline Wabara Calabash: So, tell me more about yourself? Jacqueline: Well, I hold a Masters Degree in Management Practice and International Marketing .I am an accomplished Management Consultant and the Director of Wabara PR .Although extremely academic I have a passion for the arts .I love fashion and during my formative years before going to University to study my 1st degree, I studied music so I can write music and play several instruments. Calabash: Where do you originate from? Jacqueline: I was born and raised in the Midlands in the UK but I’m Nigeria (Igbo ) and hail from Abia /Rivers State. Calabash: What is the Miss Nubian Foundation? Jacqueline: The Miss Foundation is a London based, volunteer led, arts focused, social enterprise that was founded 4 years ago. Calabash: Why? Jacqueline: The rationale behind the formation of the Foundation transpired after it was identified that there was a significant lack of free support available for aspiring black artistes who were in need of free industry specific support in:- Calabash: Is the Foundation Funded? Jacqueline: No Calabash: So how do you achieve these objectives? Jacqueline: With help of a formidable team of volunteers. Calabash: What do you feel has attributed towards the foundations success? Jacqueline: I believe it’s success has been based on a culmination of things, the main ones being our:Open Door Policy Supportive Culture Fundraising Ethos Strong Community Links Media Lias ions Partnerships with Charities that strive to aid Black Communities living in Diaspora . Ability to forge strong links with the Media ,Strategic partners & Community Leaders Specialist in-house Ethnic Marketing, Artiste & Event Management expertise. Advice & Guidance Support & Mentoring Artiste Management And who were ultimately seeking platform that would propel their talents in full glare of the media spotlight. Calabash: What are the organisation’s objectives? Jacqueline: Our corporate mission is to Propel Talents, Championing Good Causes and Empower Black Communities. issue nine | Calabash Magazine | 67