Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 67

celebration Bride, Groom and Bridesmaids Mother Mrs Wullah and Bride, Sarah Wullah The toast to the guests was proposed by Mr Karamoh Daboh who described Sarah as dependable. Those who have known her for a very long time could testify to her good qualities and upbringing and the calibre of people at the ceremony was enough proof of the couple’s way of life. Responding, Mr Ibrahim Forfanah described Sarah as the peoples’ princess loved by all.  He wished the couple peace, happiness and God’s continued blessings. Tributes to the bride and groom were also paid by Mrs Marie Macfoy and Mrs Evelyn Koroma, who praised them for their patience, love and steadfastness which have yielded such good fruits as two beautiful children and a happy union. In their statements to the newly –weds, Mrs Hawa Sesay, nee Daboh and Mrs Sarah Deen cautioned them against discussing their marital affairs with friends and listening to gossip.  They advised them not to be afraid, ashamed or too proud to confront each in a civil manner whenever there is a problem and this should be done in the close confinement of their home. The  well-loved and popular song at such occasions  - Sweet Mother - dedicated to special mothers was played for the bride’s mother Mrs Nasilla Tarawalie,  while Mr and Mrs  Daboh  danced to a very popular Mandingo song. Western and traditional menus were served in the cuisine at the wedding dinner.  issue nine | Calabash Magazine | 65