Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 65

Bride and Groom celebration is the daughter of  Ex- Major Ansumana  Bockarie Tararawalie of  the Sierra Leone Military  forces  now a Paramount chief, while the bridegroom, Ibrahim Daboh  of the Madingo tribe,  is the son of Late Kamanda Daboh and also a cousin to Mohammed Dabo of SLBL/TV fame ( now Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation). The relationship between these two people was described as a love at first sight which started ten years ago, when Ibrahim saw a picture of Sarah and immediately knew that she was the woman of his dreams.   He made every possible effort to get in contact with the beautiful nymph in the photograph and from that point human chemistry clicked  in and the rest, as they say, is history.  After the ceremony at the mosque, Sarah and Ibrahim Dabo’s great day S Groom and Best Men Ring Bearer arah Wula Tarawalie and Ibrahim Daboh concretised their ten years relationship last July at the Brixton Mosque (commonly known as the Sa Leone mosque) where the officiating Iman advised  the couple to uphold the principles and doctrines of a good muslim by exhibiting good examples to others by prayers and respect for each other. The muslim clergy affirmed that although the man is the head of the house that should not mean that the woman should be treated as a commodity.  Marriage can only yield good fruits like decent and well behaved children when they are brought up in home comprising of a mother and father. The bride Sarah, from the Kurankoh tribe, issue nine | Calabash Magazine | 63