Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 62

bites A shower of Snow While the man in a military uniform was saying, ‘I Do’ as they were sharing their vows, the snow was pouring down, icing their union. It was so snowy that the roads and pavements were very slippery for anyone to walk on, but the Bride and Bridegroom braved the day to share the joy of wedlock. He was an experienced bullet diver who used to dive bullets either in Afghanistan or wherever he was assigned for duty, but he was unable to dive the marriage bullet from Susan. The reception was quite a modest one held at the rather quiet part of Sydenham in London, United Kingdom. The guests braved the cold and slippery roads to attend the reception. Cars were skidding and people were slipping and falling on the pavement as they made their way 60 | Calabash Magazine | issue nine to the reception hall. Nevertheless, the bond of love and patient gave them the courage and perseverance to join in the wedding celebration. Dressed in a white fairy tale wedding dress which blended with the white snow, the bride looked like an African Queen. The husband, who was robed in a United States of America ceremonial military uniform, guided his beautiful queen into to hall. The hall was decorated by the professional decorator of Tutu balloons Ltd and music was supplied by Victor& co. The dinner an African buffet served with some of the best wines. As usual in a wedding ceremony the speeches and toasts reflected on how the relationship came into existence and families background.