Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 61

bites Julian says...  «When I first read the script for “AK”, I felt a strong connection with the main character (AK). I also felt that playing this role would feel natural to me, because although my past experiences are not the same, I could relate to his challenges such as adjusting to a new society and culture.  AK is a good man, but like most people he has a demon to fight.  AK’s biggest challenge is overcoming regrets from the past and I believe a lot of people can relate to that. I’m glad director Michael Chandler allowed this character to be authentic by giving the lead role to a Sierra Leonean and including his native language in the script. Acting for screen is one of my greatest passions. «  FA (AK’s sister) is played by Nellie Sama who has actually experienced the conflict in Freetown with her family and as a young girl. Nellie Sama... “Playing AK’s sister reminds me of my older sister who is based in Sierra Leone. There are many times I have had similar conversations with her like the one’s I had with AK in the film. She has often encouraged me to persevere through the challenges of being in a foreign land. And my sister is always reminding me of the struggles back home and the importance of maximizing the opportunity I’ve had to study in UK. Overcoming the memories of the conflict was not easy. However, I am grateful to God for protecting me and my family. As Julian once said, ‘I feel responsible to make a positive change in my country’. I believe that this film can make a positive impact n the lives of many Sierra Leonean Youths back home and overseas. This film tells a true story of what some people have and are experiencing alone in a foreign land. I would like to encourage anyone who is in a similar situation like AK’s... to be strong and be courageous. It’s possible to achieve that good dream which you are working towards.”  There are many genuine unique things about this film (AK). For instance, the production company, (Wilderness Production) are a team of people who have been making a positive change in the lives of Youths in Sierra Leone through their charity organisation Way Out. Way Out was founded in 2007 with a clear goal- to support conflict affected young people, refugees, and street youths using the Arts and Digital media. In 2010 Way Out worked with 600 young people amongst them residents of the Kissy Town Refugee Settlement. They ran a variety of courses including writing, drama, and documentary making, on subjects as diverse as street life, teenage pregnancy, and HIV. These films reached audiences of 35,000 people. “AK” includes some amazing dancing and acting from young people from the Think Big project in Newham – several of them also originating from African backgrounds. Kevin and Junior, bring an energetic and diverse street dance style to the film, known as ‘Krumping’ - a high energy free styling dance that originated in the African American community in California. The acronym KRUMP stands for Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise. It is an aggressive style of dancing which is said to release anger and evil spirits from a possessed person.   «AK» is packed with intense action, drama, suspense, powerful elements and strong messages. AK is film that many people could relate to. Look out for “AK” in film festivals. Get more updates on “AK” by joining the face book page (AK- Short film) and the website for more information  www.akshortfilm. com. The trailer will be online soon.    For information on Julian Sandi www. Join him on Face book- Julian Sandi or Julian Sound. issue nine | Calabash Magazine | 59