Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 60

AK bites A Short film Directed by Michael Chandler and Starring Julian Sandi «AK» is a short drama about a young Sierra Leonean guy, who lived through the conflict as both victim and perpetrator, and now finds himself in a foreign land, England, as a student. Lost and alienated and surrounded by sympathetic people who really don›t have any understanding of what he has experienced, AK›s mind starts to blur the lines between the past, the present and his inner demon, seen menacingly always just out of reach in the corner of AK›s eye. AK slowly loses grip on reality and our insight into his past is revealed through phone calls home to his sister, FA. But one morning, following a run in with some youth the night before, AK reads of a double murder in the newspaper and fears that he is responsible. His demon torments him as it manifest into AK’s home. AK found courage and faced the demon... “AK” is written and directed by Michael Chandler who first went to Sierra Leone in 2007. AK is an amalgam of people he met. Michael...”I was inspired by the stories I was told, the aspirations, hopes and positivity of many people I met despite the troubles Julian Sandi 58 | Calabash Magazine | issue nine they had been through. They seemed to have much more of a community, a joint psychology, and a social support given everyone had been through similar hardships. I wanted to explore how that could change for someone who is suddenly in a less social, more isolating place such as London. As Julian says, AK is a good man inside but finding it very hard in a different society, and I wanted to look at how, despite London being seen as a place of opportunity, it can also be very difficult for individuals on their own.” AK is played by Julian Sandi, a Sierra Leonean Actor, Model, and Musician.