Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 55

champion Up until 2007 Gershon only sang on a hard hoc basis. Almost after every performance he would be approached by people who thought he was a professional singer and asking for copies of recorded works. He said that he sometimes felt a little embarrassed that he had nothing to show for his talent but on the other hand he considered it a privilege to be thought of as a professional singer; “All those people can’t be wrong. It shows that I have what it takes” he said. So in 2007 after several persuasions by family members, fans, well wishers and also after careful thought Gershon, decided to take his love of singing to another level. In 2007 he released his debut album entitled ‘He’s a wonder’. This is a five track album specifically intended to experiment on merging classical and gospel sound in one album and it was done in a lower than usual tonality. He again apologized to those fans who were expecting the usual counter tenor voice which as he himself confessed came naturally to him. It was his experience of gospel & classical music which gave him the inspiration to experiment with different ideas. In this album he tried to bring the two together with a bit of African flavor especially tracks 4 & 5. He says that this is an album worth listening to as it caters for a wide range of moods. The album was recorded and mastered at De Champ Studios. He is very grateful to Collins Pratt for his immense contribution to this album. His input has given the album an extra ‘humph’ which makes it unique. Gershon says Collins has given to this album what he knows best. He also has a DVD version of this album which was released in 2008. The filming was done in Sierra Leone and produced by Prince 4 Studios in Freetown. His second audio album entitled ‘He walks with me’ was released in January 2009. This album was recorded at Pilgrim Studio in Sierra Leone. Gershon said that he was amazed with this production especially the recording, mixing and mastering stages. This was because it was produced by a wonderful musician known as Jonny Wisdom who is blind. All the instrumental tracks were played by him and he did the mixing and mastering with the help of his sound engineer. Gershon was really impressed that despite limited resources and more, so given his physical constraints in the nature of his sight impairment, he was able to do such an amazing job. This left him to imagine what he would have done if he had ‘the state of the art’ equipments at his disposal. Gershon decided therefore to donate 10% of all sales to the Milton Margai School for the Blind Association which is a UK charity set up to support the Milton Margai School, the school which Johnny Wisdom attended. As you would have figured out Gershon is akin to charitable causes. His first attempt at a concert was in 1999 when he organized a Christmas concert and the outcome was very encouraging. The funds raised were donated to Christian Aid. Over the past four years he has been able to organize Easter musical concerts every Good Friday dobbed ‘Come Journey with Christ’. He sees this as an opportunity to show case himself and also other talented musicians and performers who would benefit from the exposure. It has now become a very popular yearly ‘must not miss’ event. The performances and professionalism of the show has always been of a very high standard and as such should not be missed. The first concert in 2008 was held at the St John’s Church Peckham in London and the subsequent ones were held at the Walworth Methodist Church in London. Attendance at all of these concerts has been very good and improving each year. This year’s event will again be held at the Walworth Methodist Church but Gershon is seriously thinking of securing a bigger venue as the capacity in Walworth Church is now proving limited for the demand. Last year he released the DVD of one of the live Easter Concerts and he is encouraging everyone to get a copy especially those who have not attended any of the concerts. Funds from this DVD will go towards the work at the Christian Faith Rescue Orphanage in Sierra Leone. To date Gershon has used his concerts to raise over £4,000.00 for various