Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 54

champion Gershon Ward-Anderson “Music spread thy voice around” G ershon Ward-Anderson was born in Freetown Sierra Leone into a Christian family where music was given prominence (especially choral/classical). His dad, the Rev Gershon Anderson (deceased) was a hymn writer and he was once described as the John Wesley of his time. His granddad George Anderson was a prominent bass singer in one of the top choirs in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Both his dad and granddad were great inspiration to Gershon who showed his love for music at a very early stage. He started as a treble boy in Buxton Memorial Methodist Church Choir (one of the best choirs in Sierra Leone). He owes a lot to the late Lloyd Beckley (organist at Buxton Church) and the late Moses J D Macauley (who was once choir master at Buxton Church) for their contributions in supporting him develop his talent. Gershon later became one of the choir’s most impressive alto soloists. As a teenager he also developed the interest in and his love for the gospel genre and has since sung with various gospel groups both in Sierra Leone and in the UK. In 1985, he joined a popular choral group in Freetown - The Deep Harmony Choral Group which was under the directorship of Mr. Aubrey Nat-Jones. Mr. Nat-Jones was also one of Gershon’s mentors. Gershon continued to develop his talent and excelled himself to the point were he was held as one of the best counter tenor singers Sierra Leone has ever produced. Given the opportunity, he will demonstrate that his unique pedigree can rank among the very best in the world. Gershon is an accountant by profession. He came to the UK in 1991 to continue his 52 | Calabash Magazine | issue nine accountancy training. At present he is the Finance Administrator for Blind Aid, an organisation providing services to people with visual impairment in London. Gershon is married to Daphne, “the best woman in the world” he said, and they are blessed with two lovely girls. His desire to succeed in the UK through hard work has not diluted his love for music though; in fact his love for the art has intensified. He is a founder member of a male voice choir in London – the Leoa Academic Male Voice Choir and also sings with