Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 51

champion Disability Is Not Inability Story Kadie Sillah Disability Foundation Kadie Sillah Following the spate of discrimination against disabled persons in Sierra Leone recently, a London-based philanthropist Kaidie Sillah has organized the Kadie Sillah Disable Foundation (KSDF) to ameliorate the sufferings of the disabled. This development has warranted disabled persons within the Freetown Municipality to form themselves into groups to benefit from what they describe as, “a laudable stride to push the interest of the disabled”. The foundation is poised to look into the lives of the disabled, especially those who are deprived. Founder of the KSDF Kadie Sillah said the motive of her foundation is to remove the disabled from the streets of Freetown and equip them so that they become self-reliant. Madam Kadie said disabled persons have the potential to contribute meaningfully in society adding, “After all disability is not inability. If we can equip them they will make better citizens of this country”. She pointed out, “Many of these disabled persons have expressed optimism over the new disable foundation which they believe will obviously turn things around and better their lives”. Chairman of the KSDF, Sulaiman Kallon said that based on the concerns for the disabled Madam Kadie had shown very recently, he believed the foundation will change the status quo of the disabled. Joseph Y Fofanah, a Third Year student of the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) who became disabled at ten said discrimination against the disabled is one of their greatest problems. Joseph said disabled persons find it increasingly difficult and at times impossible to access X