Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 5

letters Calabash Letters Dear Calabash, nversation with article titled ‘ a co d was Thank you for the s very interesting an Forna. The piece wa about Aminatta articles and pictures eak away from the writing a nice br se. Please continue s that you show ca to read. wedding is always refreshing like this because it pieces Dear Calabash, Thank you for show casing the great thing s that are happening in town . I really liked the pie ce on Family Kingdom along Lumley Beach (issu e 7). In the past, myself and others, have felt that Calabash often write s and shows too mu ch of what is happening in England and America . Even though people in Si erra Leone like to rea d about such things, we als o want to read abou t the wonderful things ha ppening in Sierra Leon e. Thank you for writi ng Family Kingdom an d also African Minerals and please continue. Mabinty, Freetown Samantha, London Response to letter - Issue 7. Matthew, Cardiff; to see more articles about returnees to SL. Response to letter – Issue 7 Yinka; letter about Calabash magazine providing an oasis of fun. Dear Matthew, Thank you for your request to read more about returnees living and working in Sierra Leone. You’re in luck! In this issue, Calabash features the amazing Vickie Remoe, Sierra Leone’s own Oprah Winphrey. Calabash has managed to interview the 27 year old and asked her about her work in Sierra Leone, her highs and lows of living in town, what she is doing now and probe for more juicy, juicy gossip! I hope you enjoy reading the interview and gain inspiration to make the move. Dear Yinka, Thank you for your compliment. We at Calabash realise that many of our readers often want a break away from the serious issues occurring in Sierra Leone. We try to produce a magazine that doesn’t ignore the realities within Sierra Leone, yet we also realise that there is a lot of fun and greatness in the land that we love. We at Calabash will continue to showcase the good, the bad and the ugly; but hopefully more of the good emerging from within Sierra Leone! CJ Electrical and Electronics Ltd CJ Electrial and Electronics Ltd are located in Kissy, Freetown, Sierra Leone. They provide a wide range of light industrial, commercial and domestic electrical services & Electronics throughout Sierra Leone. Contact for reasonable quotation 19 Lunar street kissy Freetown Tel: 076 836644 Mob: 033 859188 / 088 773569 issue nine | Calabash Magazine | 3