Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 49

rly 2013 of UK for functions in 2012 / ea Dates ssociations Sierra Leonean School A based 2012 January 22 ool for Girs(FSSG) Freetown Secondary Sch nual Thanksgiving Ex-Pupils Association An Service May 5 ool(SLGS) ExSierra Leone Grammar Sch Dinner Dance Pupils Association – 29 ondary Government Technical Sec sociation – Annual School Ex-Pupils As Walworth Thanksgiving Service at Methodist Church February 25 ion – End of Old Edwardians Associat terloo Action Winter Jam Session at Wa don SE1 7AA Centre, Bayliss Road, Lon 6 sociation – St. Joseph’s Ex-Pupils As Thanksgiving Service 26 ion – Dinner Harford Ex-Pupils Associat Dance 26 ool (MGHS)Old Methodist Girls High Sch al Gala Night Girls Association – Annu National Hotel, (Social Evening) @ Royal London, United Kingdom June 2 COBA CKC UK – Summer March 18 (Mothering Sunday)sociation Annie Walsh Old Girls As Service at St (AWOGA) – Thanksgiving tt Place (of Clapham Peter’s Church, Presco 4 6EX at 3p.m. High Street, Clapham, SW October 6 13 14 pils Association Albert Academy (AA) Ex-Pu – Thanksgiving Service 20 ondary School Government Technical Sec ion – Dinner (G.T.S.S) Ex-Pupils Associat Dance 21 ion – Old Edwardians Associat vice Thanksgiving Ser 27 nce CKC COBA UK – Dinner Da BBQ e between CONWARDS (Joint ventur ugural Dance at Edwards & Convent) Ina Centre, Unit the Kingdom Life Ministry ays, London, Qu A1, Quebec Way, Surrey SE16 7LF ool Old Girl’s Methodist Girls High Sch Sale @ Bells Association – Luncheon am Park road, Community Centre, Peckh ited Kingdom Peckham in London, Un 21 iation(OPWA) Old Prince Walean Assoc La Royale Annual Dinner Dance at , Tottenham, N17 8ER Banqueting Suite 28 ondary School. Government Technical Sec ion – Luncheon (GT.S.S.) Ex-Pupils Associat Sale 10 al Thanksgiving Old Prince Walean Annu Services in BIRMINGHAM July 8 ool (MGHS) Methodist Girls High Sch – Thanksgiving & Old Girls Association Communion Service 28 ool (MGHS) Old Methodist Girls High Sch Outing Day Girls Association – Family September ion – Dinner Old Edwardians Associat Dance 3 April 14 pils Association Albert Academy (AA) Ex-Pu – Dinner Dance ool for Girls (FSSG) Freetown Secondary Sch ner Dance Ex-Pupils Association – Din November 3 ool (MGHS) Old Methodist Girls High Sch r & Dance Girls Association – Dinne TBC iation – Annual Annie Walsh Old Girl Assoc Dinner Dance December 1 iation – Dinner St Joseph’s Ex-Pupils Assoc Dance 1 ool (MGHS) Old Methodist Girls High Sch to France Girls Association – Day trip 2013 February ion – End of Old Edwardians Associat de 3) Winter Jam Session (Episo mbuya Compiled By: Ibrahim Du r-At-Law Dumbuya, Ll.M, Barriste Copyright – Ibrahim issue nine | Calabash Magazine | 47