Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 48

faith Her role model is Beyonce, who she says is very talented with good potentials. Among her many best friends in school are Shadina, Abigail, Buma Minoha and Modupe. She also cherished her four year old brother Alhasan Kamara. The star in the making advice to other young girls ‘Be yourself, go for any good thing you want and don’t give up’. The church is gifted with dynamic workers, the founding pastor’s wife Mrs Hawa Sesay a trained nurse, a dynamic preacher and also the church’s mother, the women’s leader elder Susan Blaudfurst a former professional athelete, artist and 46 | Calabash Magazine | issue nine a dynamic preacher, the devoted church secretary Ms Kamatu Kamara is also an added strength to the progress of the church. The men in the church also play important roles in its development .Elders James Harding and Dura Turay make sure the church finances and social contributions are up to date. About three years ago Pastor Edward Sowa from Sierra Leone joined the church as an assistant to the founding Pastor, apart from church duties, this young man makes the welfare of members are paramount. Pastor Sowa’s wife Mrs Hannah Sowa who is studying in Australia was in London recently. Preaching at one of the Sunday services on a theme ‘nothing changes, if nothing changes. She said , to achieve God’s blessing s, we must change our pattern in life and our commitments with God. Every member of the church plays a part in its development and when young ladies like elders Denese, Alice, Kumba and others delivered their sermons during Sunday services, you know all is not lost for young people and the few male and female youth members contributions to the church’s development, is a clear manifestation that this church is destined to turn lives around in the community.