Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 47

faith The preacher for the service Rev Kate Kamara of Christ the Corner Stone Ministry who also served as a minister in Christ Pentecostal church described pastor Sesay as a very special person and praised his dedication to God’s ministry. The theme of her sermon was taken from the book of Amos chapter 5 - 4 ‘ Seek the Lord and ye shall live’. The lady preacher reiterated that ten years of existence with all the vicissitudes of life is not an easy thing. She described life as a football game where all participating teams’desire is a determination to win and such could only materialised if every member of the team stayed focus as the match officials such as the referee’s duty, was to make sure that the game was played according to the rules. But with Christ she went on, everyone is a winner. She congratulated the Pastors and members of the church for playing a winning game which God has culminated in such a grand tenth anniversary celebration. She referred the congregation to 1st Chronicles chapter 28 – 9 which says, serve God with a perfect heart and willing mind. For a church to exist for ten years without any problems indeed blessing. ‘God can raise anyone to become great, whether in the church or state, only seek after your dreams and don’t get trapped by false dogma, don ‘t settle for less’ the lady preacher said. She advised members of the congregation to look at their beginning.’In everything you do, start with God when you are with him, no one will drag you down. Always be influenced by God and let Christ be your Christ’ she concluded. Apart from Sundays’ services, the church also organises other activities, a Sunday school by a very devoted elder Mrs Mildred Kamara-Laye, a young but impressive chorister under the watchful eye of the church organist and choirmaster elder Ayo Collier assisted by the founding pastor’s daughter Miss Josephine Sesay. The church also organises the popular annual women’s’ thanksgiving service, as well as members and children’s’ birthdays which are observed at special social occasions held by parents and supported by members of the church. Ish