Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 46

faith Christ Pentecostal Church United Kingdom 10th Birthday Pastor Edward Sowa The year 2011 was special in a sense it saw individuals, institutions and countries celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. It also unfolded many sad incidents and tragedies all over the world, which calls for God’s gracious intervention. One such body is the Christ Pentecostal Church which holds its Sunday services at the Castle Mead Tennant hall at Camberwell Green South East London. This rapidly growing religious institution is a family oriented church known for its praying and counselling qualities , a place where the distress, lonely, sick, and destitute can find solutions to their myriad problems. Pastor Joseph Sesay Irrespective of age, sex, national or creed people suffer different kinds of depression, ailments or problems and medical sciences have different names for all of these malaises. Most of which lead to cancer, diabetes, hypertension or stroke. No right minded individual would neglect seeking medical attention if suffering from an illness, but prayers also work wonders, especially with faith and the right place, where such prayers are offered. Christ Pentecostal church founded by Pastor Joseph Sesay, a very unassuming young man with a vision directed by God and motivated by Jesus Christ the renowned saviour. He has spent the greater part of his adult life pioneering God’s work, in his homeland Sierra Leone and the republic of  Nigeria. According to the founding pastor the church had its inaugural service on Sunday 2nd September 2001, with 17 members comprising of 4 men, 7 women and 6 children including his family. Through the dedication of these members some of whom are still supporting the work of the church and others, such an inspiring thanksgiving and harvest service was held to thank God for his grace and blessings during the past ten years. 44 | Calabash Magazine | issue nine