Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 40

flash Sometime ago, St Mary was the central venue for celebrating a great milestone in the life of youthful looking Matilda. The hall was jammed packed with ladies in their flamboyant African and western costumes and gent suited in design cut in African French and English style. The hall itself was arrayed in an African setting and variety of music ranging from calypso to African beat supplied by Davidson Sawyerr who added colour and excitement to the joyous occasion. The food comprises of f African and European cuisine served by the famous Sierra Leonean caterer, Mrs Eva Hardin. The celebrant, robed in a special embroidered lace dress for the occasion, responded to speeches made in her honour by eloquent speakers thanked all who contributed to make her birthday a memorable one. She also said that she was flattered by the warmth she had received by families, and friends alike. The celebration continued to the early hour of the next day, and it was really a party to be well remembered. 38 | Calabash Magazine | issue nine Velma, Matilda, and Samuel Kofi -Williams