Calabash_Issue 9 Apr. 2014 - Page 38

flash Francess Kabia When God created man and found out that man was lonely in the Garden of Eden He then put Adam to a deep sleep and took out a rib from his side to create a woman. When Adam woke up from his sleep and saw the beauty by his side He said” This is the Bone of my Bone and Flesh of my flesh” Since that day God has been creating man (both genders, male and female) to do His will and be a blessing to others. Men and women join together in Holy Matrimony to be one, and from time to time they celebrate their union with prayers of thanksgiving to God for all He has done for them and a bash Mr and Mrs Kabia A Friend of the family from the USA Francess Kabia The Kabia’s family Francess and George Cutting the Birthday cake and 20th Wedding Anniversary cake 36 | Calabash Magazine | issue nine George Kabia & the minister of the Penge Baptist church and Wife to entertain friends and relatives to mark the occasion. Therefore on a bright lovely day in London, George Kabia decided to surprise his bone of his bone with a classy and modest party to commemorate Francess’s fiftieth birthday as well as their twentieth wedding ceremony. On that beautiful day Francess was dressed in specially made gold and red dress while George was attired in a White Blazer, black striped trousers and a red bow which blended with his wife’s red dress. Friends and Families joined in this classy but modest celebration at the Anerley Town Hall, Anerley, and London, United Kingdom. The event was well planned and organized. There were side shows and speeches from close friends and family members. . Guests served themselves to an African cuisine and A Friend of the family from the USA quenched their thirst with some of the best alcoholic and beverages mankind had ever been privileged to enjoy. After the sumptuous meal guests took to the dance floor which was opened by Mr. and Mrs. Kabia and danced the night away to a variety and collection of all-time best African and European tunes.